Fancy a Market stall at Hastings Farmer Market? Here are some FAQ:

The Rules and Regulation are simple

What time does the market start?
The market starts at 8.00 am on market day. Please arrive slightly before that to get set-up. You can drive in to ArtSplash to unload but please remove your car as soon as possible.

How do I get a space at the market?
If you home make, grown or create something in Barbados we would love to have you at our market. You can come along and speak to the manager of the market in person or call 2669805 to get more info from him.

What size space do I get?
You will get a 10 Feet square tent space

How much will it cost to have a stall?
The fees are $10 on a Wednesday, $ 20 on a Saturday, and currently free on Sundays

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring your own a table, tent and a chair along with your products

Can I store my tent and table at the ArtSplash Centre?
Yes. There is a storage area where you can keep your equipment at the market. Please be aware that you leave your equipment in this storage area at your own risk.

What if I need Electricity?
There is a $10 charge to use electricity at the market. Please let the Market Manager know before your requirement.

Can I sell anything?
Everything been sold at the market must be produced in Barbados where possible.

What if I have a problem in the market?
The Market Manager will resolve most issues

Can I change what I sell at the market?
Yes but it will need to be approved by the market Manager so that it does not affect or copy any other vendors.misterpoll

Can I advertise my products on social media?
Yes, please share and promote your business as much as possible.